Hey hey hey!

My brother just got me a Chromebook! God bless American Capitalism. A laptop for less than the price of my mother’s shoes.

Anyway, the plan is to use the Chromebook for carrying around in my bag, and keep my normal laptop as something I ssh into. And maybe for watching movies. Maybe.
I’d also like to use the Chromebook for something-other-than-just-browsing-the-interwebz. It would be fantastic if I could write posts for my blog on this thing. The problem is that my entire blog is set up on Git(Hub), and I don’t really have access to that natively on a CB. I could of course use Crouton and install Ubuntu on it… but I’m too lazy. Maybe later.

However, in my search for a Sublime Text replacement, I stumbled across Tailor. I was initially using Caret, which is fantastic too, and definitely more feature-packed than Tailor; however, Tailor. Has. Git. Support.


This is perfect for me. Writing new posts is still a pain, because I can’t use my hack, but it’s a small price to pay for not getting spondylitis from lugging around my heavy Asus laptop everywhere. Let’s see how it goes. I should probably enable Developer Mode on this thing soon. Plus, I’d like to be able to add images in my posts when I write. Still need to figure out this Git support thing properly.

UPDATE: I’ve been trying to use Tailor for the past one day, and Git support is extremely buggy. I keep getting Javascript errors. It’s a fantastic idea though, and I’d love to help out (once I have time. So, never). So for right now I’m sticking to using Chrome Remote Desktop.