This post is targeted towards McGill students.

If you (like me and many others) hate logging into your McGill email and instead prefer to use your regular Gmail account, you probably forward those emails to your regular Gmail address using a filter. If you don’t, you should. However, did you know you could also send emails from your Gmail but make it appear that you sent them from your McGill email address? (Rhetorical question. You can). You can use Gmail’s Send mail as feature.

Go to Settings (accessible from the top right corner of the inbox, it should be a gear symbol), then go to the Accounts and Import tab. You should see the Send mail as option. Click on Add another email address you own. A pop-up should open. In the Email address field, put in your McGill email. Click Next Step ». You should see options to send mail through the McGill SMTP server. All you need to do is edit the SMTP Server field (and this is important) to read “” server is now deprecated - use as the SMTP server, on port 587, using TLS (SSL is not supported). Fill in your McGill email and password, and click Add Account ».

Voila! Say goodbye to the terrible UI that is the McGill email Outlook app. You could probably tweak settings around in the Accounts and Import tab for a better mailing experience.