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I lead the Privacy Engineering team at Brave Software. We ship privacy features in the browser, conduct privacy reviews, work on advancing the state-of-the-art in adblocking while maintaining webcompat, and collaborate with the Research team to ship novel privacy interventions. I've previously worked on DNS, encrypted DNS, consent tooling and telemetry. I have an interest in privacy-respectful standards and am active in the IETF and W3C. I care about social implications of technology, and was an Internet of Rights fellow at ARTICLE 19, a UK-based human rights organization. I am currently on the Advisory Council of Open Tech Fund's Information Controls Fellowship. I recently wrote an essay on how privacy tech is increasingly dependent on centralized infrastructure in Meatspace Press's book "Eaten by the Internet".
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Engineering / Open Source

  1. Brave browser
  2. SugarCoat
    • Autogenerate privacy-preserving JavaScript resource replacements.
    • Popular on Hacker News, Reddit and other places.
  3. XFR-over-TLS support for NSD
    • Add support for RFC 9103 to the NSD auth server.
  4. Co-maintainer of and contributer to tough-cookie.
    • RFC6265 Cookies and CookieJar for Node.js
    • 30 million weekly downloads


  1. Co-chair, NDSS 2021 DNS Privacy Workshop.
  2. "Bringing Content Blocking To The Masses" - Talk given at USENIX PEPR '22.
  3. "DNS Privacy Vs." - Panel at USENIX PEPR '22.
  4. Artifact reviewer, PoPETS 2021.


  1. Working on Distributed Secret Sharing for Private Threshold Aggregation Reporting (STAR) at IETF.
  2. Co-chair, Key Transparency (KEYTRANS) at IETF.
  3. Co-chair, Oblivious HTTP Application Intermediation (OHAI) at IETF.
  4. RFC 9103: Encrypted DNS Zone Transfers.
  5. Co-chair, Privacy Research Group at IETF/IRTF.
  6. Invited expert, W3C Privacy Interest Group.


  1. De-AMP - #1 on Hacker News, and featured in The Verge, ZDNet, Engadget.
  2. Normalization of privacy violations - #1 on Hacker News


  1. Mentor for MITPOSSE.
  2. IETF Guide - I mentor newcomers to IETF to help them active and contributing members of IETF. One mentee blogged about it!