Recent Work


  1. Co-chair, NDSS 2021 DNS Privacy Workshop.
  2. Artifact reviewer, PoPETS.
  3. "Bringing Content Blocking To The Masses: Dealing with Filter List Development, Maintenance and Compatibility for 50 Million Users" - Talk accepted at PEPR '22.
  4. "DNS Privacy Vs." - Panel accepted at PEPR '22.


  1. Co-chair, Oblivious HTTP Application Intermediation (OHAI) at IETF.
  2. RFC 9103: Encrypted DNS Zone Transfers.
  3. Co-chair, Privacy Research Group at IETF/IRTF.
  4. Invited expert, W3C Privacy Interest Group.
  5. April Fools' Day 🎉 RFC, RFC 8962: Establishing the Protocol Police.

Open Source

  1. Co-maintainer of and contributer to tough-cookie.
    • RFC6265 Cookies and CookieJar for Node.js
    • 30 million weekly downloads
  2. Brave Core


  1. De-AMP - #1 on Hacker News, and featured in The Verge, ZDNet, Engadget.
  2. Normalization of privacy violations - #1 on Hacker News


  1. Mentor for MITPOSSE.
  2. IETF Guide - I mentor newcomers to IETF to help them active and contributing members of IETF. One mentee blogged about it!

List of Patents